About Us/Videos!

Skoolie Sound is the combination of location sound recordist Alison Grayson and her 1990 GMC Vandura mini school bus conversion, Bessie the Land Cow.  Come join us on adventures, videos, tiny house living, and general frolicking!  For a complete tour of Bessie, scroll down to Episode One.  Things are constantly changing and improving, so to see what Bessie currently looks like and to get an idea of what it’s *really* like to live in a 90sq feet, we suggest you watch them all!  Unlike most tiny house builds and tours, I’ve been living in Bessie for three years, so there’s no idealistic theories at play here ;).


Episode 5:  SQUEEEE!!  Our much anticipated tiny wood burning Sardine stove from Navigator Stove Works has been installed and has been in full operation for several months!  Along with the new stove we’re taking you on a tour of our complete Kitchen Makeover (which has also seriously helped de-clutter the place!).  Come see how well my totally romanticized concepts of wood burning heat (based on zero real life experience) hold up in application.  Will we stay warm this winter?


Episode 4:  I love, love, love living in Bessie, but let’s be honest- there’s some slightly less than awesome things about living in less than 90square feet.  Curious about my least favorite parts, or thinking about tiny living yourself and curious about what you should be considering?  Watch the video!


Episode 3. Bessie might not be a traditional house, but I love her! Find out why I chose to live in a short schoolbus instead of a RV or Tiny House.


Episode 2 : Woof!  Portland winters have been getting chillier, and having so many single pained windows is seriously affecting Bessie’s ability to maintain a comfy temperature.  Watch us to some serious remodeling to take out some windows and make Bessie more liveable in this montage-tastic video.


Episode 1. Aaaaawww, our first video! Take a tour of Bessie the Land Cow, my 90sq feet short bus house!  Also watch me be silly and slightly nervous on camera for the first time.  A lot has changed since we made this first video, so make sure you watch them all!