Meet Alison


Hey there!  I’m a sound mixer for reality tv and documentaries,  an award winning filmmaker, an artist (I’ve been specializing in animal skull carving, check out my stuff here!), a Muay Thai and MMA fighter,  a reckless lover of life, and a chronic project tackler.

When I’m not partaking in the above, I’m often found dancing, ogling other people’s dogs,  going to festivals, hiking in the Pacific NW, engaging in my communities, telling stories via video, and chronically tackling more projects.

To check out my professional audio world, head to




oly lost 2.jpg

You also may have noticed another inhabitant in Bessie the Land Cow, and that’s Oly!  Oly is Alison’s partner in crime- a street smart, ex Philadelphia feral kitten that’s been putting up with Alison’s travels for over ten years.  Oly has adapted surprisingly well to life in a mobile tiny house, though when Bessie is in motion Oly tends to sing us the song of her people for the first twenty minutes.  Fortunately for Oly, the more we live in Bessie the more she’s getting used to her house being on wheels, and she spends most her time curled up on my pillow making kitty biscuits.